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State Folklore Ensemble “Philip Koutev”
presents the performance WILD STRAWBERRIES,
19 years after its premiere and with new symphonic arrangements

State folklore ensemble “Philip Koutev” ends its national tour with a final anniversary concert on December 4 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture.

“WILD STRAWBERRIES” is a dynamic performance that presents our state ensemble in a new light. The folklore of the various ethnic and religious groups is a highlight in this performance. It combines elements of the traditional culture of the Bulgarian population – Christians, Mohammedans, Karakachans, Vlachs, Gagauz, Jews, Armenians. Distant and close, kin and non-kin ties. The richness of the land and the people, woven into the harmony of a motley picture of precious stones, plucked from our musical folklore heritage as a particle that we can touch on the surface and another – still hidden somewhere deep in our earth and in our souls – this is also ancient, present and future Bulgaria…… but our Bulgaria!


1. The concert will be the fourth anniversary in Hall 1 of the NDK in 2022.


2. The music will be completely rearranged, and along with the folk instruments from the orchestra, violins, viola, cello and piano will sound, to the music of the composer, conductor and director of SFE “Philip Koutev” – Georgi Andreev.


3. “Wild Strawberries” can be defined as an ethnospectacle, weaving together the colors of the different ethnicities inhabiting our beautiful homeland, which will show the familiar and unknown Bulgaria at the same time, through the talent of the main choreographer of SFE “Philip Koutev” – Ivaylo Ivanov.


4. Tickets for the concert will be attractively discounted for students, groups and families with children.


“Wild Strawberries” is a concert performance presented with great success at the UNESCO Hall in Paris, as well as at the music festival for ethnoprogramme at the Barbican Center – London.


The “Independent” newspaper pays special attention to an article by the producer Joe Boyd, who explains that our State Ensemble does not fit into the cliché that pursues the equalization of folk wealth.


The concert is organized by OLDBG and is realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the project “Program for the restoration and development of private cultural organizations”.