The pulse of OLDBG beats in unison with the rhythm of Bulgarian folklore and world cultural heritage. In its more than twenty-year-old history in the production industry, our company is a doyen and has established in time its characteristic style.


“This is Bulgaria” of Ensemble “Bulgare“

2012 TOUR

Date: 18.05.2012 – Chicago, The USA

Venue: Copernicus theater

Date: 25.05.2012 – Toronto, Canada

Venue: MacMillan Theatre

Date: 27.05.12 – New York, USA

Venue: Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Date: 26.05.12 – Montréal, Canada

Venue: École supérieure de théâtre

Date: 28.05.12 – Washington, USA

Venue: Scott Fitzgerald Theater

“Bulgare” is an ensemble that has grabbed not only Bulgaria, but is the first Bulgarian folklore ensemble to have performed at “Broadway”, New York, with this spectacle.

“This is Bulgaria” is the first large-scale project of the biggest private folklore ensemble, and in the leading part you could see the Bulgarian movie and theatre star, the unforgettable Georgi Cherkelov. In seven dance and song pictures the ensemble presents “the eighth world miracle – the Bulgarian folklore” in an amazing and uniquely affecting way.

For a short time, “This is Bulgaria” turned into a cultural event, It was performed more than 500 times not only all over Bulgaria , but also in Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Romania, the Czech Republic, Izrael, Japan, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries around the world. The success of ensemble “Bulgare” was so great and its impact on the audiences was so powerful that everybody started talking about a new revival of the Bulgarian dancing and musical art. This is how the campaign Second Bulgarian Revival was born. Eventually it turned into a national movement with numerous proselytes and followers.