The pulse of OLDBG beats in unison with the rhythm of Bulgarian folklore and world cultural heritage. In its more than twenty-year-old history in the production industry, our company is a doyen and has established in time its characteristic style.


Folklore Classics

Date: 26.09.2018

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

Date: 21.06.2018

Venue: Summer theatre, Burgas

More than 50 musicians, singers and dancers of State Folk Dance Ensemble of Bulgaria “Philip Koutev” performed a concert-spectacle “Folklore Classics”.

The spectators were honored to see and hear the most significant part of Bulgarian folklore from the period of its preservation and development as a performance art, presented for the first time as one spectacle by the full cast of the ensemble-instrumentalists, dancers and singers, as well as the talents of the department “Bulgarian dances” at the National school for dancing art in Sofia. Over 120 people altogether were on stage at the concert-spectacle.

The concert was a peculiar panorama reflecting the preservation of our heritage by carrying folklore from the village squares to concert halls now as performance art. It also presented the development of folklore as a kind of art since the beginning of the very transition from people’s life and routine to stage.

The scenes in the spectacle bear the wisdom which leads us forward.

Since its foundation ensemble “Philip Kоutev” has performed more than 7000 concerts all over Bulgaria, Europe, Asia, Africa and America.