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The Ensembles of Bulgaria

Date: 24.03.2019

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

The professional ensembles “PAZARDZHIK”, “ZAGORE”, “STRANDZHA” and “DOBRUDZHA” were guests for the first time on the biggest stage of Bulgaria – Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. For three hours they performed on stage together with more than 200 performers. All this was within the spectacle “The Ensembles of Bulgaria”.

The audience heard characteristic songs and saw overwhelming dances of four folklore regions.  Each of the imminent performers was given enough time to grab the audience with the best of their folklore region. All the four professional ensembles have their long-standing history.

The oldest of the four ensembles, participating in the concert, is ensemble “DOBRUDZHA”. Since its foundation in 1954 it hasn’t stopped warming the souls of Bulgarians with Dobrudzha folklore.

The ensemble of Stara Zagora “ZAGORE” was started back in 1955. It has been awarded a lot of prestigious awards.

Ensemble “PAZARDZHIK” was set up in 1962 and for 57 years it has stirred the hearts of Bulgarian audiences.

Ensemble “STRANDZHA” was founded in 1965. It has had more than 7000 concerts and has received a number of significant prizes.

The concert performance was a true rebirth of the soul of the Bulgarian.