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Date: June 20, 2021

Ancient Theater of Plovdiv

Author’s musical concert of the composer and orchestra conductor “Georgi Andreev and friends”

On June 20, 2021 in the Ancient Theater of Plovdiv took place the author’s musical concert “Zhivi koreni” by Georgi Andreev with the special participation of:

  • “Vanya Moneva” choir
  • “Quarto” Quartet
  • Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi
  • Ilia Iliev – clarinet
  • Yordan Yonchev – Gamzata – trumpet

The “Zhivi koreni” concert was a collaboration between proven names on the Bulgarian and world music scene.

Its concept was clearly emphasized – to show the richness of Bulgarian musical folklore, combined with the traditions of Western European music, being both a challenge for connoisseurs and accessible and understandable to the public.

The concert successfully synthesizes and mixes in a stylish and homogeneous way various musical styles such as classical, Bulgarian folklore and modern popular music based on improvisation and a great deal of creative freedom.

“Zhivi koreni” presented Bulgaria as a geographically established country and a historical crossroads, as well as how it reflects on musical creativity and culture, naturally encouraging us to be connected both with our roots and open to the world.

The duration of the concert was for the better part of two hours and there were “only” three encores, which were witnessed by nearly 350 students with a musical profile of education, who received access to the concert free of charge.

The concert “Zhivi koreni” is organized by OLDBG and was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, through a won project to support music and stage projects, implemented by cultural organizations in the field of performing arts.