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“Ela se vie, previva” (A fir tree is bending and bending again) of State Folklore Ensemble “Philip Koutev”

Date: 18.09.19

Venue: Summer theatre – Burgas

Date: 28.09.19 

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Hall 1 – Sofia

Date: 12.11.19

Venue: Palace of Culture and Sport – Varna

The topic of the new State Folk Dance Ensemble of Bulgaria “Philip Koutev”’s spectacle “Ela se vie, previva” is family and love in its basis.

With dances and costumes from different folklore regions, with original music and choreography, as well as with the recovery of Philip Koutev’s and Margarita Dikova’s  dancing scenes from 1964, the performance tracks family relationships from spring rituals of discovering love to the wedding itself, while the story is led by dancing pictures, representing the folklore diversity of different regions.

The title is part of a characteristic song during the wedding ritual. The spectacle consists of several dancing pictures associated with the wedding and the family, which is the most important prerequisite of continuing the Bulgarian kin.

Apart from the new products, in this spectacle the ensemble performed the musical and dance production “Thracian Wedding”, which was created by the composer Philip Koutev and the choreographer Margarita Dikova in the 1970s.  It follows the major moments of the wedding and its preparation in the region of Eastern Thracе.