The pulse of OLDBG beats in unison with the rhythm of Bulgarian folklore and world cultural heritage. In its more than twenty-year-old history in the production industry, our company is a doyen and has established in time its characteristic style.


Christmas concert of State Folklore Ensemble “Philip Koutev”

Date: 17.12.18

Venue: Theatre “Bulgarian Army”

In the eve of Christmas we had the chance of experiencing the magic of Bulgarian folklore through the art of State Ensemble for Folklore Songs and Dances “PHILIP KОUTEV”.

The Ensemble has its mission to “translate” into stage language the great variety of traditional Bulgarian folklore culture, by presenting it via authentic, processed or composed basing on folklore songs, dances, instrumental songs. In addition to products from its traditional repertoire, the ensemble performed products dedicated to the holiday of Christmas. The concert included the special participation of the choir at Sofia Theological Seminary led by hieromonk Meletii.  The seminarians performed the double nativity katavasias and “Dostoyno Est” in the sixth voice by Georgi Kastoriiski (in the translation from Greek by Shtelian Dimov, a 12th grade student). A guest to the concert was the rector of the Seminary Archimandrite Pahomii, as well. In the overcrowded hall of the theatre the audience experienced a true musical feast of Bulgarian folklore art and spiritual traditions.