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Balkan Wedding

Date: 20.04.19

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

In a common spectacle – “Balkan Wedding” – the national ensembles of Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria, “KOLO”, “LYKIO ELINDON” and “PHILIP KOUTEV”, respectively, performed together.

They united their efforts and showed the Bulgarian audience their customs, traditional costumes, dances and songs of their area, as well as the similarities and differences in one of the most important traditions on the Balkans – the WEDDING.

In “Balkan Wedding” the audience could see over 150 performers, hundreds of unique national costumes, incredible dancers, singers, musicians.

They took part in a strategic cultural project aimed at presenting some major customs, pre-wedding and wedding rituals, peculiar to the peoples of Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.

State folklore ensemble “Philip Koutev”(founded in 1951) – Bulgaria, ensemble “KOLO” (1948) – Serbia and the ensemble for traditional folklore “LYKIO ELINDON” (1976) – Ksanti, Greece, built up a peculiar cultural bridge through the forms of performance art and the traditional folklore heritage.